SINCE 1993 in the
Precision turned machined components

Chairman’s message
Dear customers, business partners, employees, our journey began in 1993 continues today with the same enthusiasm and determination in the 28th year.
From the first day we started our journey we have been working with our stakeholders hardly to deliver the best service and products to our customers. We have approached to problems always like a solution partner by adopting customer satisfaction. In order to solve our customers' problems in the most appropriate way and to deliver the best services to our customers we continue our works by searching for the best always. We have built our relationships on the basis of trust rather than business.

Create Value
We seek to maximize the corporate values and profits while trying to meet the expectations of our customers, suppliers, communities and employees.

Commitment to Quality
We pursue highest qualities for our products, services and operations to attain the highest levels of customer satisfaction and social value.

Technology Innovation Makes a Difference
We keep abreast of new and emerging technologies and continue to innovate.
As in our journey of 28 years we promise that we will continue providing added value to our customers, employees, industry and society in the upcoming periods.
I would like to thank our customers, employees and business partners.
Thank you for taking the time to visit Relex Automats website.